MENTOR: Moot Court

A big congratulations to Brooklyn Technical High School (coach is David Schepard) winners of the 2018 tournament!!

Since the 1980’s, the Justice Resource Center has partnered with Fordham Law School to offer the MENTOR Moot Court competition to NYC high schools.Approximately 50 high school teams of eight students each compete in single-elimination rounds in November through December.The MENTOR Moot Court competition is part of the MENTOR Law Program, a national program created by lawyers, which partners law firms with public high schools.MENTOR attorneys and law teachers coach students in legal research and oral advocacy skills based on the published MENTOR Moot Court case materials. All original materials are written by the Fordham Law School Moot Court Board.

Information for the 2018 Tournament:

MENTOR Moot Court Form:

2018 Conflicts Form

MENTOR Rules and Problem:

Trey Manning v. Fordhamville High School

Individual Cases:

42 U.S.C. Section 1983

Bridgeman v. New Trier High School

Burlison v. Springfield Public Schools

 Hill v. California

Oschshorn v. Ithaca City School District

Policing Students

U.S. Constitution Amendment I

U.S. Constitution Amendment IV

U.S. Constitution Amendment XIV

Redacted Cases:

Board of Education of Independent School District 92 of Pottawatomie County v. Lindsay Earls et al.

Bethel School District v. Fraser

 Beyond Tinker

DesRoches v. Caprio

Epperson v. Arkansas

Hazelwood v. Kuhlmeier

Hosty v. Carter

 Michigan Police Department v. Sitz

New Jersey v. TLO

 Oyama v. University of Hawaii

Peck v. Baldwinsville

Pierce v. Underwood

 Pompeo v. Regents of University of NM

Safford v. Redding

Shelton v. Tucker

Silano v. Sag Harbor

Tinker v. Des Moines

U.S. v. Jacobson

 U.S. v. Martinez -Fuerte

Vernonia . Acton

Ward v. Hickey

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