Name of School: Sant Secondary School

City: Ulaanbaatar

State/Province: Ulaanbaatar

Country: Mongolia

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Sant, founded in 1997, is known for preparing the best students in school subjects like math, physics,
English, and many others by having students enter advanced clubs that specialize in each subject. There are Approximately 1500 students are currently studying in our school. We have had multiple cases of achieving record-breaking success in the number of district, regional, national and international Olympiad awards our school took home, since 1997.
Our school also has a debate club, founded in 2015, that participates in the UBDL (Ulaanbaatar Debate
League) and we have won both Intermediate and Senior divisions in the competition 2018.
Although our school follows the Mongolian curriculum, many of our students have enrolled in top
universities around the world in countries such as the USA, Canada, the UK, Germany, Hungary, France,
China, South Korea, Switzerland, Japan.