Bronx High School of Science Wins Moot Court Finals

December 15, 2016 – Congratulations to Bronx High School of Science for their victory in the 2016 MENTOR Moot Court Finals! The team competed against Forest Hills High School at the Thurgood Marshall Courthouse on December 15 with five federal judges presiding. Several participating schools, attorneys and educators came to watch as both finalists gave their arguments. Many thanks to all participants this year!

Bronx High School of Science
Bronx High School of Science

This fall, 45 teams from all five boroughs competed during preliminary rounds at the Fordham University School of Law. Students argued as both petitioners and respondents for the case, “Tyler Kreetor v. United States of America” written by the Fordham Moot Court Board. The issues of the case are: (1) Whether an investigatory stop is valid when it is based on a tip from a retired police officer stating only that the suspect is acting suspiciously; and (2) whether a court should defer to a federal agent’s belief that the suspect was armed and dangerous and that the scope of the Agent’s search was proper.

Students were coached by their Law Academy teachers and MENTOR attorneys. Attorneys and law school students volunteered to judge the preliminary through semifinal rounds.

Forest Hills
Runners-Up Forest Hills High School

To learn more about the case and the MENTOR Moot Court program, please visit our webpage.